A Letter to the Girl Who Said She Was Too Fat to Run

To the girl who said she was too fat to run,

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you ever since I overheard you fat shaming yourself last Tuesday night. It was at the most recent New Balance Girls Night Out event downtown, where we could participate in either a SurfSet workout on the Esplanade or go on a 3.5 mile fun run around the city. Like you, I was surprised at how quickly the SurfSet workout filled up, and I overheard a lot of people mumbling about it at the beginning of the night. Some girls said they were nervous to go on the run because they don’t usually run that far a distance, some didn’t want to go on the run because they already logged training miles that day, and others simply were disappointed they wouldn’t have the chance to try out the trendy surfboards.

Girl, I overhead a lot of comments, but yours was the one that stuck with me. I heard you putting yourself down when we stepped out of the store and onto the sidewalk outside. You were with your friend, and the two of you were debating whether to do the SurfSet workout without a surfboard, try the run, or power walk the run instead. I wasn’t being creepy listening to you guys, but you were standing right behind me. The friend I was with was also debating what to do herself, so I thought she might be able to tag along with you guys.

As you and your friend went over your options, I overheard you say, “I’m too fat to run.”

NBGNO July 2[Source]

I wanted to turn around and tell you a million things at that very moment. That you aren’t fat. That it made me so sad to hear you putting yourself down like that. That if you’re alive with two functional legs, you can run. That you may not be as fast as the girl who runs every day or started her running journey years ago, but you can do it. That if you get out of your own way and stop using your weight as a threshold for what you can and cannot do, you might surprise yourself. That you are beautiful and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run, it just matters that you showed up and tried. I wanted to ask if you would ever tell your friend that she was fat and put her down in the same way you just put down yourself. Instead, I bit my tongue and went off to try SurfSet. But your comment stuck with me, and I guess I can thank you for inspiring this blog post.

Girl, if you somehow end up reading this, I understand you may not even realize that it’s about you. You may not even remember making the comment you did. But please know that you are so much more than a number on the scale. You are so much more than an extra few pounds of body fat. You are so much more than your physique. You may want to lose weight, lean out your legs, or be able to run longer distances, and all of these things are totally okay… but only if these goals come from a place of kindness to yourself, not a place of hate or self loathing.

NBGNO July[Source]

So please, girl, wherever you are, stop judging yourself when you look in the mirror. Accept your body as it is right now. Make goals for yourself, but make them from a place of love.

Don’t let the “I’m too fat” trap become your story, your reality.

Your body is capable of doing amazing things, but it’s only when you start showing yourself some self compassion that you’ll be able to realize that. It’s only then that you’ll be able to become a stronger you.

Hope to see you cheering for yourself next time,


You Made It, You Did It (Volume 2)

Morning! A couple of months ago I started a new blog series called You Made It, You Did It to showcase F&F readers who are making F&F recipes, doing F&F workouts, and are using F&F inspiration. Today it’s time for the next edition! Here’s what some of you have been up to lately:

you made it you did it

Mary brought back my Abs and Row Cardio Sandwich workout recently. I should revisit this for sure. The abs part is my favorite core circuit to do that utilizes stability balls.

You Made It You Did It: Mary Workout

Ashley rocked my quad crusher workout while on vacation at her family’s beach house. She got creative and used a huge tree branch and a child for extra weight, then posted the video to Instagram and Facebook!

You Made It You Did It: Ashley Quad Crusher

If you’re looking for a really sweaty one, Slesh’s laundry aftermath is proof that my double ladder and core workout will deliver!

You Made It You Did It: Slesh Sweaty Clothes

Not a workout I’ve posted on the blog, but Monique recently texted me that she did a workout inspired by Neghar Fonooni that I shared on Instagram (follow me on Insta for workouts that don’t make the blog!). We both felt it the next day for sure!You Made It You Did It Monique

As for food, Sarina posted on Instagram a picture of my Almost Mediterranean Chickpea Salad recipe. Doesn’t it look good? This is one of my favorite summer go tos for bringing to the beach or a BBQ, so definitely try it!

You Made It You Did It: Sarina

Finally, Steph snap chatted and texted me this picture of the festive red, white, and blue cheesecake bites she made for the 4th of July! This is a super old recipe I posted on F&F (check out the terrible pictures haha), but it’s a super easy recipe for a quick crowd pleasing dessert. I should replace my pics with Steph’s!

You Made It You Did It: Cheesecake Bites

That’s it for this round! It really makes my day to see your social media shares after trying out F&F recipes and workouts, so keep em coming. Just make sure to tag me at @fitnessandfeta or email me at fitnessandfeta@gmail.com so I know to include you in Volume 3.

Readers, let’s chat! What F&F inspiration are you using in your life lately? 

Don’t forget to sign up for the free bootcamp and discount shopping event in Chestnut Hill tomorrow night! I’m also subbing for 5pm spin tonight at the Y if you haven’t worked out yet today and want to join me.

F&F Friday Favorites: 07.10.15

Let’s get right to it.

We’re kicking things off today by talking about Harvard Square. The fitness scene there has always been seriously lacking, don’t you think? Well, I am so excited to tell you about two new fitness studios that are about to open in this part of the city this month. As someone whose fastest public transportation route into Boston starts with a ten minute bus ride into Harvard, I am pretty stoked to have some new fitness options more accessible to me. And I just love Harvard Square so much. There are so many fun bars and restaurants, shops, and places to just hang out!

For the barre and yoga lovers:

Barre & Soul® is opening the first ever barre studio in Cambridge, and it opens to the public on Monday, July 13th! Founder Andrea Isabelle Lucas describes their barre classes as a full body workout with carefully structured isometric exercises, ballet conditioning, and calisthenics. In addition to barre classes, Barre & Soul® Harvard Square will offer a variety of yoga classes. Andrea also says that her goal with Barre & Soul® is to create a space where the community can come together and socialize in addition to getting fit. The studio also has other locations in Melrose, Woburn, Lexington, and Portsmouth, NH.

Barre and Soul Harvard Square
Picture provided by Barre and Soul

For the indoor cycling lovers:

The Handle Bar, a boutique indoor cycling studio with locations already in South Boston and in Fenway, is opening its third location in Harvard Square. Woohoo! Their grand opening weekend is taking place July 25th and July 26th, and they will be offering $5 rides to celebrate. Please note the $5 class offering is valid for the grand opening weekend only, and a grand opening class purchase must be made in order to ride. More details on their website!

The Handle Bar Harvard Square Grand Opening Ride

Hope you guys will get a chance to check out these new studios. If you do, let me know how you like them! And now that we’ve gotten my Harvard Square excitement out of the way, we can dive into Friday Favorites. Enjoy!

Friday Favorites




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Readers, let’s chat! What was the best part of your week, and what’s up for the weekend? 

The best part of my week was starting to get wedding RSVPs back! The amount of people writing something funny and/or thoughtful on the card is so awesome, but I feel like I never knew this was a THING. We’ve gone to about 30 weddings in the past five years, and you’re telling me that I was seriously the most boring RSVPer for all of them?!