The “My Butt Will Hate You Tomorrow” Circuit

Attention Thursday 6am Circuit Training crowd!!

Any of your butts hating me from yesterday!?  << evil grin >>

If anyone else wants to cook up some sore buns, I suggest making this a part of your weekend:

Do these moves as prescribed all the way through with little to no rest in between.

Then throw in a little cardio blast:

Do each of those moves for 20 seconds as fast as you can, then rest for 10 seconds.  Then repeat through for a second round.

Then repeat the moves in the first box all over again, and then repeat the Tabata Cardio Blast all over again.

And finally, finish with this floor routine:

Done, done, can’t feel ya bum.

Favorite butt move?  Ready, set, leave a comment.

I’m off to yoga class for my workout today!  I may or may not be back later.  If not, hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fab weekend!

5 thoughts on “The “My Butt Will Hate You Tomorrow” Circuit

  1. oohhh I was just thinking about what I wanted to teach tonight… I might have to take pieces from this workout:) thanks!

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