Move of the Week: Alternating Medicine Ball Pushups

Love.  This.  Move.

Move of the Week:  Alternating Medicine Ball Pushups

Step 1

Kneel before medicine ball.   Place right hand on top of ball and left hand on floor slightly wider than shoulder width away.  Position upper body above both hands with left arm straight and right arm bent with hand on ball.  Straighten body with forefeet back away from ball on floor shoulder width apart.  Keep your butt down and your abs tight, making sure to not sag the hips.

Step 2

Lower body into a pushup until slight stretch is felt in shoulder and chest.

Step 3

Push body back up.  As the right arm straightens, roll the ball across your body from the right hand to the left hand.

(my sad attempt at an action “rolling shot)

Step 4

After the ball rolls toward the other side, land the left hand on ball while quickly placing the right hand on floor slightly wider than shoulder width.


Step 5

Lower body into a pushup on this side.

Then repeat all steps and continue by alternating sides — rolling the ball > pushup > rolling the ball > pushup > etc.

Have fun!

Favorite type of pushup variation??  Favorite medicine ball move??  Anything else you’d like to share??

0 thoughts on “Move of the Week: Alternating Medicine Ball Pushups

  1. My favorite pushup is the ones you do at the very beginning of class so they are over…my least favorite is when you sneak more at the end…oh it upsets my muscles so (but in a good way!).

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